Ukrainian Fine Foods

Free Delivery 

 Restaurant and Store

Ukrainian Fine Foods uses the best ingredients available. We do not like to use additives or preservatives  so rest assured we will do our best to keep them out of our foods.

All our products will last up to 1 year frozen. When you purchase one of our freezer packages, they will be ready to serve when you are.

Be sure to stop at our restaurant on 540 Cleveland Cres S.E Calgary, or at the Crosssroads Market on the weekend for a hot meal or to pick up some  frozen products. 

We offer city wide delivery every Monday.  Click the Order Product button for more details. 

Keeping our     tradition alive!

Frozen Delights! 

Visit our restaurants for a hot meal or pick up some frozen food. We have 2 locations that have both hot and frozen food year round.

We offer a wide selection of frozen products

so you will always have a traditional meal available when you desire. 

Food Trucks,

Fundraising, and Catering Service 

We have 2 food trucks to serve you. If you have a business lunch you want catered, or party or festival, contact us.

We also offer fundraising programs and a catering service. Please contact us at for details.

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