Ukrainian Fine Foods

We offer 7 flavours of cabbage rolls so be sure to check out our menu page. 

Cabbage Rolls have a long history throughout  Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Balkan countries. In Canada, the european immigrants brought with them this wonderful recipe, and like many of you, we were also raised on them. They are a part of our heritage and at Ukrainian Fine Foods we wish to keep it alive by serving you a cabbage roll even Baba would be happy to eat. 

There are many ways to spell this wonderful delight, but we will stick with the one we think looks the best. A perogy is a kind of dumpling that can hold many different types of fillings. At Ukrainian Fine Foods, we offer up to 12 different flavours depending on the season and of course the demand of the consumer. The tasty delights can be served fried, deep-fried or boiled depending on the taste you are seeking. Be sure to try all our flavours. 

Long Live the Perogy! 

Cabbage Rolls